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We have had a number of Customers ask if they could just DONATE to their Cause? And the answer is YES and you can actually DONATE up to

300% or more of your Donations!


     How it works:

  • Purchase an Item
  • In the Comments box, ask for your purchase to be sent to your Charity
  • At the end of the month, we send all items that have been donated to the Charity
  • Charity will auction or sell off
Here is an example of how this works. Apple’s AirPods Max Headphones sell for $779. Our Monkey Max Headphones sell for just $89.99 and $45.00 of this purchase goes to the Charity. Now they will get the Monkey Max Headphones and they can sell them for the $89.99 or more and now your donation of $45.00 has grown to $134.99!!! That is 300% more than your original donation.

It is just that easy!

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