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Organization FAQs

Any type of organization who is looking to raise money!

This could include, but isn’t limited to: PACs, Schools, Daycares, Churches, Sports Teams, Band organizations, etc., etc., etc.

Even a small business who gets many donation requests!  It can be expensive to keep up with, so why not promote a fundraiser to be able to donate to them all and build brand awareness for yourself!

Yes, and at no charge.   Each School or Charity will receive Posters to place to advertise the Fundraising Event.   We will also send out enough handouts that all of the students can take them home to inform parents of this event.

We will also work with every event individually to help with their promotional needs.   We’re here to help make the event a success!

A FunRaizin event runs for 24/7, 365 days of the year.  We will send you new items that are being added to your event every month to keep it T.O.M.A (top of mind awareness.)  Your network can buy anytime they want to!

Absolutely not.  You will never be charged a fee or have to sign a commitment when you register.

Your funds raised will be paid to you monthly.   These funds will be issued by the 10th of the month for the previous months sales

We can either: etransfer, wire transfer or mail a cheque.  

Etransfers and Cheques mailed are sent using the information you used when you registered.   

No.   FunRaizin is set up for you to let your network know you are doing a Fundraiser via Social Media.  You certainly can still use other methods (such as door to door) that you have used in other Fundraising events, but we want to make it much easier for you by using your current network!

No.   FunRaizin will send all items sold directly to the Customer that purchased them, or wherever they would like them shipped.   Our Organization Partners do not need to handle any of the goods.

No.   All you have to do is inform your network that you are having a Fundraising Event and send them to your store!

No.   Our Customer Service Team will handle any concerns or returns!   

You don’t.   FunRaizin will charge and submit the appropriate sales tax depending on location.   We send you your 50% of the sale on just what the value of the item is.

We are working very diligently to put the Rewards Program in place, but do not offer loyaly or points at this time.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of being received (orders placed on the weekend will ship on Monday.)   They are shipped standard post via Canada Post from Richmond, BC, so shipping times are based on location of the purchaser.

Shipping is $1 per item, flat rate.

Anywhere Canada Post will deliver to

Return Policy FAQs

We offer a Hassle Free 30 days return, exchange or refund from date of receipt, but we are flexible with this; we are here to to create raving fans!   

Also, there is no fee to return products.  In most cases we will ask the customer to dispose of defective goods, and we will send them another.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here:

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