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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is FunRaizin different than other fundraisers?

FunRaizin brings fundraising to the 21st Century by using today’s technology.  All that you need to do is register your Organization, register your Funraizer’s and then promote your dedicated page through email and social media.

FunRaizin takes care of all that for you!!

How secure is our online ordering?

Ordering from FunRaizin is as secure as ordering from any large ecommerce site, like them we use the same encryption technology as all the major banks, and have our servers stored in secure facilities. We take security very seriously, our reputation depends on it.

How much work does this involve?

Like every fundraiser, FunRaizin requires some effort, particularly when first launching the program. The amount of time required to run the program depends on the configuration, the size, and the goal, among other factors. FunRaizin provides time saving tools, that help you achieve your goals faster.