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Our fast growing company is full of Huge Opportunities for people looking to grow their careers, make a difference in the world and have fun!

Because we’re new and building, we’re looking for team members to be a huge part of our growth, and grow with us.   There is huge potential for you for big career moves with us.

We are currently looking for Coaches and District Coaches to make a difference in their Communities all across Canada. As a Coach you get a Protected Geographic Area where you will have the Opportunity to build the Funraizin Program to all Schools, Charities and Groups in your Area. Your job will be to build great Relationships with all Pac Groups and Charity Leaders in your area and keep Funraizin top of Mind to help these Groups raise money all year long and you will get a percent of all wholesale sales made in your area.

District Coaches will build their Teams with great Coaches in their protected geographic areas and will also get a percent of all wholesale sales made in your area all.

Interested in more info or think you’d be a great fit?   Email our President and C.O.G. (Chief Operating Grape) Zane @

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