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Tired of the Hassle that Comes with
Traditional Fundraising?

Start Your FunRaizin Campaign Now!

With the easiest way to fundraise out there

10 reasons why FunRaizin is the best way to fundraise.

  1. We provide you with a fully stocked online store for free so that you can sell useful products to your family and social groups to support your cause. 
  2. You’ll never have to pre purchase anything ever again. No more stressing about selling door to door hoping to make your money back.
  3. We set it all up for you at no charge and then by the 10th of every month like clockwork we send you an unheard of 50% of the sales for your chosen charity or cause. Try finding anyone else who is able to donate that much.
  4. You can use Funraizin to raise money for anything – from cancer research, to raising money for your school, or even supporting your local SPCA.
  5. There are no limits! 
  6. All you do is tell your friends about your new online store and why they should help your cause.
  7. It’s super easy to get involved and you can even watch in real time as people purchase from your site. You’ll know exactly how well your store is doing 24/7.
  8. And the cool thing is you’ll be selling what everyone wants or needs for about the same price as any other store, the big difference is that your customers can feel great knowing that 50% of the sale is supporting your cause or charity…and not a Walmart, or Amazon for example.
  9. We also handle customer support. From shipping to customer concerns. 
  10. All you need to do is thank them for their support. 

Sign up today and start raising money for your cause!

Want more information? Just call. We’ll be happy to speak with you.


Traditional Fundraising can be Stressful!

From finding enough volunteers, ending up with unsold fundraising products, bottle drives in the rain….. the list goes on!

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Do they want to buy what you're selling?

Your supporters will purchase to support you, but most of the time they’re purchasing things they don’t want!

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The Pandemic has changed Fundraising

No longer can we go door to door, host charity events, or meet in groups to volunteer. Covid has changed all of that.

FunRaizin will revolutionize how you fundraise!

FunRaizin is a brand new concept: we offer organizations their own eCommerce website to fundraise, and stock that store with things people use.    With every purchase made at your organizations store, you collect 50% of the cost of the item!  By doing this, we take the retail markup away from the retailer, and give it back to people who need it: WE-tail, not retail!  With how much you’re going to sell, there’s a LOT of money for you to raise!

You’ll find our menu in the top right corner to find our more info on how this works, where to go to support current organizations, and how to register now!

To view a store and our products in action, click here to see our Monthly Fundraising store or here to find a different organization to support.

By clicking the “Search Here” button above,  you will be taken to the Organizations page where all of the Funraizin participants are listed. Just click on the school or club you are looking to support and you will then be taken to their online store.

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